Your Logo Dobrao (40pcs Metal)


  • HIGH-QUALITY metal
  • ANTI-SLIPPERY surface treatment
  • EXCELLENT SOUND while playing on berimbau
  • MINIMIUM ORDER quantity is 40 unit
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  • CLICHE TECHNIQUE is used for these kind of dobrao coin making. We make one masterpiece cliche and we copy that 40 times.
  • The cost of the cliche is included in the final price. Because of this procedure we need to make minimum 40 units but you can order more upto 500 unit as well, in this case please send us an e-mail for special offer. We need BLACK/WHITE high quality LOGO design in PNG/PDF/AI format to make your logo dobrao. Please send us your LOGO design in advance before you purchasing this package to qualify the quality of your logo. Some cases the logo is too detailed to make the cliche with 40 mm diameter.
  • HIGH-QUALITY –  Its ensure stable positioning to your arame string while you are playing on your berimbau instrument.
  • PERFECT DIMENSIONS – berimbau dobrao has 40 mm diameter which fits perfectly to all size of berimbau capoeira instrument for viola berimbau, medio berimbau or gunga berimbau.
  • ANTI-SLIPPERY – we love the sound of the berimbau and it is not easy to play on your berimbau for a long time even when you came out from the capoeira roda game.
  • We tested many dobrao coin surface treatments and finally we found black-nickle type to ensure stable position even in wet Capoeirista hands.
  • EXCELLENT SOUND – as the arame berimbau string is made of metal the best choice is the dobrao coin to have the clearest sound on your berimbau capoeira instrument. 
  • Dobrao coin height is 5 mm to ensure clear resonation while you are pushing your dobrao to your berimbau arame string.
  • Procedure is 2-3 weeks and delivery is 3-4 days, please contact me before you order.

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